Removing Pet Hair from Furniture

dog-on-upholsteryPets. We all love them. However, we can also all admit that they can be a pain because of the extra work they put on us. And regardless of what pet you have, whether it be a dog, cat or something less typical like a moose, you’re bound to have pet hairs on your furniture. And in this guide, we hope to be able to make your pets less of a pain by given you some easy tips on cleaning the pet hairs out of your furniture.

velcro-pet-hairUsing Velcro or Tape

Velcro works quite well when cleaning up pet hair. However, be very gentle when using it since it might be too aggressive on some types of fibers and might loosen the fibers in your upholstery. But if you rub it fairly gently across the surface with pet hair, you’ll notice them coming out.

Another method which you can try is using cellophane tape. Just take strips of it, place it on the area you are trying to clean, then peel away. This is less aggressive than velcro and will work depending on how deep and intertwined the pet hairs are with the fiber.

Using Latex Gloves

latex-gloves-pet-haiIf you have gloves lying around your house, all you have to do is wet them a little under some water. Then, rub your hands along the surface where you want to have the pet hairs removed and this method will generally work quite great.

balloon-pet-hairUsing a Balloon

I’m pretty sure you’ve had a balloon stick to your hair or your clothes. That’s because of static electricity. To use a balloon to remove hairs from your furniture or carpet is the same idea. Inflate the balloon, rub it along the surface of your clothes, carpet or furniture, then hover it across the surface of the furniture. You’ll then see the hairs begin to rise and become attracted to the balloon like a magnet.

Using a Brush or a Broom


Rubber brooms are generally pretty good with removing pet hairs. If you use this broom while it is dry, it will act like the balloon, using static electricity to its advantage. Pet hairs will be attracted to the brush and the bristles will also be useful at removing other particles such as dirt, and dust. Once you’ve collected a significant amount of hairs, clean of the brush and you’ll be ready for another round in no time.

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